Ways to get Gift Cards in Hay Day

Hay day is an animated game with the main goal of tending to a farm.The player grows crops, looks after the farm animals and harvests and sells his produce in the market. It is like a virtual society with neighbors who are other players. This game can be played on tablets as well as on mobile devices as it is free with the options of in-app purchases.

Gift cards in the game Hay Day are valuable and special as a form of currency in the game that is used to buy items such as Mystery Packages that has hay day hack diamonds or even random game items in the game. Gift cards however are not easy to get as you can only get them through your friends. If you are aware of how to get the gift cards, it will be really helpful for you while you are playing the game and you will get to avail the Mystery Package. One method of getting the Gift card is through Reviving trees and bushes of friends.

Reviving trees and bushes of friends

Firstly, after you are done with downloading and installing the game and building your farm, you now launch your game to get the gift cards. What you need to do is to visit a farm of a friend. The option to visit your friend’s farm will be displayed on the bottom right hand corner of your screen where you open your friends bar and click on the picture of the friend whose farm you want to visit.

Once you are in your friend’s farm, you need to find trees or bushes with an exclamation mark on them. This means that these trees or bushes are dead and they need reviving.

Once you tap the bush or the tree with the exclamation mark, it would instantly become green and alive again, meaning it has been revived.

Then you go back to your farm and wait for your friend to send you a gift card. When your friend opens his farm, he will see your picture instead of the exclamation mark, meaning you have revived their tree or their bush. When they click on your picture, you will automatically get one free gift card.

This is one great way of getting gift cards in the game and your friends on to your games and conquests.

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