Play it easy: Clash Royale

If you are up for playing a game “clash of royale” is the one. Developed by the supercell and was first available on 4th January 2016 on Android and iOS platforms.

Clash royale is basically a mobile game, but it can also be played on windows 10/8/7 or your MAC book. You might be told that you will be banned from playing and the supercell itself does not support you in case if you come across any issues on PC. But you do not need their support until and unless you are smart enough to play the game without getting into any issues

You just need to follow few steps, and you will be done

You need to download the game, and you need to also install an android emulator like that of blue stacks you can also use Android which is another emulator developed from the scratch. It is found to be more advantageous than blue stacks in a way that it is easier, does not crash easily unlike in bluestacks, has less hardware trouble complaints.

After you are done installing you will be asked for language settings.
Next, you will be asked about your “clash Royale account” linked to google play. If you have one, you can log in easily, or you need to create one.
If it is on MAC you need to go to clash Royale app then go to settings then you need to link the app.

You should be ready to play it now after the completion of the installation. But anyways you might need to reconfigure it. You might need to adapt hardware resources and set up your keyboard support.

Clash Royale is a strategic game and is a card based game where the gaming skills of the person make all the difference. It is a new version of clash of clans, but still, the clash of clans makes most of it. For people, those who have played COC a lot might find CR (clash Royale) better as in it is less addictive, and you are always rewarded when you open the chest giving a gap of 4-6hours.

Some strategies to play the game:

As a beginner doesn’t fight with expensive suit, go for cheap suits.
Get units that are fast, perform well against air units, tower destroying unit.
Use cards using your fighting preference. If you are playing aggressively use units which move quickly.

You need to know your elixir averages to know the time it takes to get the cards down
Start playing once the elixir meter is full and then give your cards.
Try shielding your ranged troops with strong combats.

If you are victorious by destroying an enemy tower, you have added benefits, and your response to an enemy attack is pretty well.

If you feel that you will be defeated then send troops to the enemy turret. In case that does not help to fight a tower having little energy.
These are the few ways how you can easily play the game. If you need more gold and elixir, you can always go online and search for Clash Royale hack but be careful not to get caught. You can use cheats once you have played the game enough.

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